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Having A Vagina…doesn’t stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours! (yourecards)


balls2It is an interesting way to describe strength, guts, determination…by saying you have “balls”! Really? Balls? Why not say, “Way to go, you really have a vagina!”? Hmmm…doesn’t quite have the right ring to it, does it? Anyway, there are times when having “balls” is necessary and desirable …

For instance…wait a minute, I just realized that my last post was about butts and now this one is about balls…hmmm…perhaps I am in a rut, or a crack! LOL!

So expressing your opinion, when others disagree with it, takes balls. During the time of election campaigns, it is difficult to publicly proclaim where your loyalties lie. In Canada, we have 4 parties, Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat and Green Party. But in the United States they have a new president. And I’m not sure he has balls at all…well I guess that’s about all he has going for him.  There…I said it! 

Being “ballsy”…isn’t always a positive compliment. When a person is pushy with no regards for the feelings of others, they are described as being ballsy. I try not to be ballsy, but I have been pushed to the brink of ballsiness during staff meetings where only one opinion is being listened to…

Having your “eye on the ball”…doesn’t mean you are staring at a man’s crotch, although you might be. It is a very positive statement. It means that the person is paying attention to the most important issue. I have ADD so even when I try to keep my eye on the ball, my attention tends to wander off in another direction…oh well, I really feel like chocolate…

“Freezing the balls off a brass monkey”…is a very popular weather term, especially this winter. It means…well you get the idea…

I felt like he had “kicked me in the balls”…is a description of emotional pain. Again perhaps the statement…I felt like he had “kicked me in the vagina” just doesn’t work. Although, being kicked in the vagina is probably as painful as being kicked in the balls, or nuts!

It took “big balls” to do that…refers to bravery. People use this term to describe someone who has gone above and beyond normal boundaries to do something others would not do. Perhaps this is skydiving, or some other activity that is on my bucket list and not on my life list.

So having balls is desirable and usually complimentary, but I would rather have a vagina! Just saying…

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