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Adoption…Oh How Your Life Will Change

On April 12 I was flipping through my Facebook posts and suddenly a sweet, mushy face stared back at me. Her name was Katydid and she was a shar pei dog begging for a home. I had been thinking about adopting a rescue dog for quite a long time. I would visit all of the rescue organizations, review their pups and then find some reason not to apply. But not this time! Nope…she had me with one look. On April 16 I adopted Katydid (now Katy). A rather underweight 2 year old with missing patches of fur. She was adorable and she became mine. After two months I have some very sage advice to share with the masses…

1. Be ready for a period of adjustment. Katy was from a puppy mill. She apparently lived her life in a cage and may have had a litter or two. Hence, the fear she displayed around loud noises, sudden movements and men.  She lived a very sheltered life  and all of these new sights and sounds were disturbing. It took me a bit of time to stop getting up suddenly, clapping during my baseball celebrations, and remembering to try and muffle any bodily sounds that sometimes sneak out…

2. Have a lot of disinfectant and paper towels on hand.  Katy has a wee problem. I don’t mean a tiny problem, I literally mean a wee wee problem. She tends to piddle varying amounts whenever she gets excited. Usually when my daughter comes to visit. Now you have to have a sense of humour. Especially when your dog piddles into your son’s shoe the first time they meet. Well I thought it was funny…

3.  Plan for a lot of surprise expenses. This is true for people who adopt shar peis. Katy had entropic eyelids. Essentially her four eyelids rolled in until her eyelashes rubbed on her corneas 24/7. We’ve all had an eyelash in our eye, now multiply that a thousand times and never having a moment of relief. Well $3000 later, Katy can see for the first time in her life. I was afraid she would take one look at me and run for the hills…

4. Expect to get a lot of exercise. The first week that I had Katy, our daily walks were very pleasant and uneventful. Little did I know that this too would change. Now that she can see, she can pick out a dog, cat, squirrel, bird, or person at a thousand yards. Of course it is her duty to protect me from some of them and to try and catch the others. This doesn’t even take into account the bazillion times I let her out, or let her in, during the day…

  5. Be ready to share everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. I share my bed, my snacks, my furniture, my car and of course my personal space…it is sometimes hard to evacuate your bowels with a mushy face staring at you …

6. Be prepared for separation anxiety. Katy yelps, whines, jumps, puts my hand in her mouth, and of course piddles every time I come home. And that’s just when I go for the mail…which is across the road. I look at it now as a wonderful greeting…

So as you can tell we have a lot of issues to work on. I am adjusting as much as she is, which is only fair. But I wouldn’t change anything about her…well maybe that habit she has of laying down and spreading her legs for every Tom, Dick or Harry. Let me clarify that last statement. She does lay down and spread her legs but it’s her way of asking for a belly rub. Gosh she’s cute! 

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