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Hangry…seems to be my constant state of emotion

For the last year I have been preparing for gastric bypass surgery.  I have attended the nutrition sessions, the surgical sessions, group sessions, nursing sessions, doctor’s appointments  and psychological sessions.  I have completed all of the written assignments and physical testing. I have even read “Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies”…great book by the way. I was sure that I was fully prepared…until today. 

I have started the 2 week liquid diet that precedes surgery. I drink 4 protein shakes a day along with water and decaffinated tea.  That’s it! That’s the whole enchilada…wait no enchiladas…oh geez now I’m thinking about enchiladas! Shit! 

Now to make matters worse I am the caregiver for my 91 1/2 year old mother, so I cook her meals. Yeah! Guess what she wanted for supper yesterday? Two of my favourite foods…mashed potatoes and…I can’t even write it without tears welling up…bacon! BACON!!! Are you serious? I’m drinking liquids and you want me to fry bacon? But yes she did…and so I did. The worst part is that the smell of bacon permeates the house. 

I have found myself crying during “The Amazing Dr. Pol”, a veterinarian series. Poor little kitties and puppies, and did anyone else cry about the cow with the prolapsed uterus?

I made mini chicken pot pies and I cried watching my daughter eat one. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not really hungry, I’m actually a little nauseated. So I am unsure why this affected me. But there I was, tears running down my cheeks, Kleenex in hand. 

Thankfully my daughter-in-law, son and daughter have all been willing to listen to my nonsensical rantings. I have watched countless videos searching for the reason for my tears. Nothing! No clues! No help! Never once during any of the conversations I had was it mentioned that I would be emotional. Not until I talked to my son that is. He told me I was “hangry”! Hangry! Of course! That’s brilliant! I was experiencing the phenomena known as hangry. The feelings of anger and emotion when you are hungry. 

Yes, hangry it is!!! So here I am, watching “The Big Bang Theory” and crying over Raj’s lack of girlfriend, Leonard’s failed experiment, Penny’s messy apartment and of course, Howard’s skinny little hips. Sniff…sniff… 


One comment on “Hangry…seems to be my constant state of emotion

  1. Ruth Jackson
    February 25, 2016

    You are a brave and courageous woman and you will rise up and be strong. We have 2 good friends who endured the gastric bypass surgery and you will be successful. You are woman…hear you roar!


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