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Vlogs vs Blogs…the pros and cons…

  There are a number of vloggers that I religiously watch every night. I get ready for bed…take my meds, brush my teeth, wash my face, get on my pjammies and cue up my favourite vlogs. I’ve decided that vloggers are a special group…

1. Vloggers need to have something interesting to vlog…a viewer needs to become invested in the vlogger’s life. The everyday happenings must keep the viewer captivated, or at least mildly interested. I’ve decided my everyday life is not for the viewing public. Helping my elderly mother with her pills, meals and other needs, is not captivating. And my own events, such as cooking, dressing, writing, would put anyone to sleep.

2. Vloggers need to be fairly good looking. I know this is probably politically incorrect, but really let’s admit that we enjoy looking at pleasant faces. There I’ve said it! In this time of equal rights, power to the homely, and acceptance of baby bellies, I know that no one wants to look at my chubby butt.

3. Vloggers need to do exciting things on occasion. I watch CTFxC, where Charles, and his girlfriend, travel around the world. The farthest I travel is the Shoppers Drug Mart. Now I’m not meaning to sound pitiful, I am just proving that I am more suited to blogging than vlogging. (The spell check just substituted clogging for vlogging…but that’s another post.)

4. Vloggers need to be able to do everything with just one hand…since they are holding their iPhone, or camera, in the other. I’ve had trigger finger in both hands and I have to admit that my dexterity is somewhat limited.

5. Vloggers have to be willing to bear their whole souls on camera. Sometimes it is not a very pretty sight, but that is what makes us love them so. I follow BigCatDerek, a man who helps his wife care for large cats…lions, tigers, leopards, Cougars, bobcats. (I find it humorous that cougar is the only one that was automatically capitalized). You grow to love the cats, enjoying their antics and you cry when they pass away. 

So all in all I admire vloggers. They unselfishly open up their lives for all to see. I have witnessed the thrill of a pregnancy, and the desperation of a miscarriage. I have shared in the joy of newborn lions, and the death of a beloved elderly tiger. Thank you to all of the vloggers out there who have the courage, and the stamina, to share their highs and lows with us. I could never be a vlogger, I’ll stick to writing, where I can erase and improve and start over.

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