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Wilderness…comes to the city

  Here I sit at 6 am, waiting for Luke to be dropped off, and what do I see but a raccoon doing its hunting in the neighbour’s pond. I moved to the city to avoid the many critters that I cohabitated with in the country. I am quickly coming to the realization that my move has been futile. 

Rabbits…although their level of cuteness cannot be disputed, those rascally rabbits leave piles of raisins in my yard. I may find them not pleasing, but the dog loves their woodsy flavour. 

Skunks…yup, that odiferous, black and white mammal. I was totally lied to when I was a child. At my most impressionable age I was introduced to “Pepe Le Pew”. You remember him. The romantic little animal that spoke with an adorable French accent. No accent, no roses, no candle light dinners.   The skunks around here just permeate the bedrooms, of our house, at bedtime.

Bullfrogs…you’ve read about our bullfrog problem in other posts. I had mistakenly thought he was gone…I almost celebrated, no longer hearing the deep, annoying, bruuup day in and day out. But no! He has reared his ugly head and continues to “Bruuup” his way through our days and evenings. 

Mosquitoes…are the most annoying of the critters that inhabit our yard. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, they are present. Silently, and painfully, sucking my blood and leaving an annoying welt on my person. 

Well I have moved to the city, thinking I could escape the country cohabitants. But alas I have not. I can only hope that the raccoon eats the bullfrog, the mosquitoes chase away the raccoon, and the skunk?…well its demise I’ll leave to your imagination. 

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