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I’m Just Going To Put An “Out Of Order” Sticker On My Forehead…and call it a day! (Pinterest)


outToday, for some reason, I had an amazing spurt of energy. This happens to me…not often I admit…but it does happen. And then I go berserk…I madly move furniture, dust, vacuum, and purge. But the worst part is that I am an ADD house cleaner… I begin in one room…carry something to another room…find something to do in that room. I end up with two or three rooms torn apart and nothing completely done. But I decided that if I followed a few simple rules I could possibly prevent this from happening…here’s how it went…

Have a plan before you start…I decided that I wanted to put two bookshelves in the living room. My daughter and I are avid readers and own a plethora of paperbacks, hardcover books and cookbooks. You can find them in every room of the house. So the plan was to corral them all into one area…a primitive library of sorts…

Decide on a series of moves necessary to accomplish the task…I knew I had to clear the shelves, move them into the living room and re-shelve the books. Good idea…right? Well the two bookshelves were in two different rooms with numerous items stored on them…none of which were actually books. So where to begin?

Find a place for the shelves…I realized that to accomplish my task, I had to move all of the furniture in the living room…seriously?…all of the furniture? Yes…every freaking piece because you know once you move one thing, then another has to be moved…and another…and another…crap!

Empty the shelves of the items currently being stored on them…movies, books, controllers, wine glasses, serving platters…what have I got myself into? I couldn’t stop at that point…I was fully committed! Besides I had moved furniture, dusted and vacuumed the living room, bedrooms, den, and emptied the shelves in the den and dining room.

Move the shelves into the living room…I actually was able to do this part with little problem. But where to put the items I had removed? My daughter had picked up a sturdy, little shelf at the hospital where she works. It was perfect for storing movies. So I had her help me move this shelf into the den, where I re-shelved the movies…at this point I am getting tired…

Re-shelve all of the books on the shelf units in the now rearranged living room…my arms are getting heavy…but I can’t stop now. The books are on the shelves.

So in the end…I rearranged the living room, moved shelves from the den and dining room, shelved the books, dusted and vacuumed, moved a shelf into the den, and shelved the movies. Now I have a problem…I have glasses and plates with nowhere to go. And frankly, at this moment, I don’t freaking care if they stay on the dining room table for the next week. I am exhausted…I am sore…I know I did too much at once…but too freaking bad…it’s done and I am proud of myself. I sure hope I remember that when I wake up in the morning and I can’t get out of bed. So tomorrow I am wearing an “Out Of Order” sign on my forehead!!!




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