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Happiness Is Like Peeing Your Pants…everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth!!,

Happiness…it’s out there for everybody. You sometimes don’t recognize it…it’s sometimes disguised…you sometimes have to search for it. Sometimes it takes you a while to admit to it…everyone can see … Continue reading

October 4, 2018 · 1 Comment

A Gift of the Spa…oh dear

For one of my Christmas presents my son and daughter in law gave me a spa package. Their rationale was that I put myself last most of the time, putting … Continue reading

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Caring for an aging parent…gotta have a sense of humour

If you are the chosen, you will be caring for an aging parent…welcome to the club. ┬áIf you’re like me you will have been done raising your kids for about … Continue reading

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Having A Vagina…doesn’t stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours! (yourecards)

  It is an interesting way to describe strength, guts, determination…by saying you have “balls”! Really? Balls? Why not say, “Way to go, you really have a vagina!”? Hmmm…doesn’t quite … Continue reading

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Adoption…Oh How Your Life Will Change

On April 12 I was flipping through my Facebook posts and suddenly a sweet, mushy face stared back at me. Her name was Katydid and she was a shar pei … Continue reading

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Hangry…seems to be my constant state of emotion

For the last year I have been preparing for gastric bypass surgery.  I have attended the nutrition sessions, the surgical sessions, group sessions, nursing sessions, doctor’s appointments  and psychological sessions. … Continue reading

February 25, 2016 · 1 Comment

Just my opinion…

Ok Canadian politicians…have you seen Syria???? Of course they are refugees!!! Their country is no longer habitable. Go pick 100 000 up and bring them home!!!And yes, I know we … Continue reading

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